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Review: Dark Angels- Icons Remix Project Vol. I by jason
February 16, 2011, 10:00 am
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Dark Angels-Icons Remix Project vol. I. Self Released, 2010.

You know, I’m a big fan of “derivative works,” such as mash-ups and the like. They actually take up a large part of my MP3 player, and I devote every Monday, at least, to finding the best of them.

Dark Angels’ Icons Remix Project vol. I is not a mash-up album, but a remix album, in which Dark Angles have repurposed 30 classic songs. What they’ve done here is taken each song out of its original musical context, and in most cases, made them…well…darker. But not in the go-cry-about-it-emo-boy way. That’s what makes this a good remix album: It is doing a thing. It is not trying to do a thing. It is not needlessly depressing. In fact, besides a few already depressing songs, such as Queen’s “Love of My Life,” this entire album manages to be both edgy and smooth at the same time. I’m not even sure how that works. It just does.

Even though it takes music from everyone from The Beach Boys to Billy Idol, from the King to Queen, it all blends together as a whole. Everything has a slightly ’80s synth-pop vibe that echoes from a darkened parking garage somewhere in New York, and there are old movie soundbites lightly peppered thoughout. Some of the best tracks on this thing are “Call Me,” “More! More! More!,” “Rock With Me,” and “Masters of War.” This isn’t really a singles collection, though. It really needs to be listened to as a whole to really experience it.

Icons Remix Project vol. I is available for free (with a suggested donation of $10.00 US) from Dark Angels’ Bandcamp Site. You should also visit their WEB SITE.



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