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Music & commentary. by Jayson

This is what I’m listening to, because I felt like I should write something besides the Jayson formal review, you know, before I go back to writing those:

Does It Offend You Yeah?
You Have No Idea What You’re Getting Yourself Into.

The cover art for the upcoming album (below) got me interested enough to check out the older album, which is sweet. I like it ’cause it reminds me of Death From Above 1979, also maybe a little of Horse The Band. It’s good, although I keep wanting to do a Nick Frost and go “It’s Electro.” in an English accent with a condescending tone of voice when I listen to it. It’s fun. I have acquired a ton of sad music. Sad music is important, but like… you can’t sit around listening to sad music all day. As proof that Amazon’s database recommendation thing is messed up they say if I like this I should totally buy Pretty Hate Machine. Getting down with some funky electro does not equal wanting to wear fishnets on my arms and cut myself, sorry.

Murder By Death
Skeletons in the Closet

This is the b-sides, demos and live album rolled into one. Triple action. Understandably a bit of a hard sell for casual fans, but honestly this is one of the better albums for this type of deal. A lot of the time you buy these and you’re left thinking “Yeah, there is a reason that all this was unreleased until now.” Which really isn’t the case here. I actually kinda am digging the demo versions slice quite a bit. Mostly more sparse sounding recordings, it works really well for what they’re doing. Also, great “Don’t Cry” cover.

Graf Orlock

I am 1000 years old. I am old enough that when I look at some girls now, it’s gross. When I was a kid/young teen a lot of the movies that Graf Orlock samples from were released and it always kinda takes me back (and also makes me want to watch those again.) I have been playing this album constantly. I will say this, real talk, the samples pretty much make Graf Orlock. I like them as a band; one of the few grindcore acts that doesn’t sound like guys screwing around in the studio, but the samples make them. Like, I like Magrudergrind, but I don’t own any of their albums, y’know? In the interest of full disclosure,  I haven’t set this thing up yet. It’s still folded up in the sleeve. I also haven’t listened to the record, just the CD. I need to clean up and make space and stuff, and I’m just not doing it now.


I don’t care about anything. I mean like, anything that I am supposed to care about. 74,000 Tons of Metal Tour? I guess I could have gone on that and had fun, but like… I don’t like boats, not even a little.

Big Four? Done. Those guys are really done. None of them will ever make good music again, except maybe Megadeth who I hate anyway. What they should really do is get a Big Four reality show going where their arrogance and dysfunctional antics are out there in the open for our entertainment. People would eat that up.

I didn’t watch the Grammys. Remember when we did last year and we all live Tweeted and I was super proud of myself for making a variety of awesome jokes? Yeah. I was playing Grand Theft Auto IV this year. Driving around in that game listening to Eastern European hip-hop was honestly time better spent, don’t think it wasn’t. It’s just a case of, the music I like is here. I am writing about it. The whole thing with the Grammy’s is a world of music I ain’t really care about. It’s all good.

I am excited that an affordable, non-import edition of Motorhead’s newest is now available in the States.

– Jayson


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