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Review: Troy Schafer – Anubis Come In by Jayson
February 8, 2011, 11:43 am
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Troy probably thinks I am a jerk because I was supposed to review this back in November. I apologize for not getting to it sooner.

There are experimental recordings and then there are experimental recordings. Recordings that make you add another category to your blog instead of just using an adjective. Pretty frequently in reviewing releases that span from ambient to post-rock I talk about the sense of narrative structure that is defined or implied by what the music is doing. In this case, it’s a literal thing, this is a story. In fact to quote the release page:

Here Troy twists an audio tale of possession, release and the healing Light. Intense vibes all around.

To which I will add “yeah, pretty much.” In terms of describing the sound here, it’s almost post-music. There is music, but it’s secondary to whatever sounds are needed to tell the story. The B side of this tape is really harrowing; the possession part of the story is intense. The A side, where I was hearing the release and healing going on is a less so, and Troy lets some small rays of beauty peak through. Still it’s got an overall uncanny vibe. This is a challenging release. I have said that before, but this is more challenging than the last time I said something was challenging. Head over to Troy’s Soundcloud page and have a listen. I think it’s well worth your time; expand your horizons a little.

Troy Schafer Soundcloud

Then head over to Earjerk and get a copy. If you’re lucky they still have a few.

– Jayson

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