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Thank You For Buying Nerd(R) Brand by jason
January 26, 2011, 10:00 am
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PART 3-NERDCORE HIP-HOP, or White and Nerdy

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OK. So we’ve covered why the Nerds should have the intelligence and taste not to fall for the nerd-branding of their popular music, and we’ve warned them (and by them, I mean us) about the dangers of taking one’s nerd-obsession and setting it to music. Now, I want to look at another aspect of musical nerd culture. I want to take a look at Nerdcore Hip-hop.

I just watched the documentary Nerdcore Rising in preparation of this post today. You can watch it HERE for free if you wish.

Here’s the thing: Nerdcore is bad for the exact same reason that Wrock is bad. It’s trying to shoehorn a theme into something that doesn’t naturally have anything to do with that genre. However, Nerdcore takes this one step further. The genre, Hip-hop, is usually opposed to nerdy things. Because of this discord between subject and genre, Nerdcore Hip-hop may actually be worse than Wrock.

Dude, you look nothing like Harry Potter.

So, what’s it sound like? Here was my first exposure to it, a few years ago:

I want to tell MC Chris, “Why you gotta do a thing?” I also want to tell the maker of the video that the Mandalorian armor looks more like Jango Fett’s than Boba Fett’s, but whatever. For a novelty song, that’s pretty good. For an actual “I’m making my musical career doing this shit” song, I don’t know.

Here’s the “Godfather of Nerdcore” himself, MC Frontalot, singing about a certain card game:

You know…I used to play Magic: the Gathering. I was one of those guys. That doesn’t mean I want to listen to music about it. I never even read any of the Magic: the Gathering comics. You know why? Because as much as I love games, and I do love games, I don’t need them bleeding into the other parts of my life.

In the aforementioned documentary, “Weird” Al Yankovic says a few things about nerdom and Nerdcore music. He says something like “No one wants to be called a novelty. That’s insulting.” Unfortunately, when you sing about Star Wars and Magic cards, that’s what you are.

Hey! Who you calling a novelty?!?

Again, I get that the nerds and geeks feel like they’ve been alone, that they’ve been beat up at school and harassed in life. I get that this nerd culture, especially the Nerdcore and Wrock shows, are the geek equivalent of a gay pride parade. I was a geeky, scrawny kid in school, too, and I also got beat up. And I learned a few things:
1) No one cares about your comic book collection. So quit talking about it.
2) No one cares that you don’t like sports. Your likes and dislikes are not things to be proud of. Taste is subjective*.
3) You can, in fact, be smart, get good grades, and still not be a buzzkill.

The documentary presents nerd pride as this thing where the nerds get beat up as kids, but they rule the world as adults. And you know, it’s true that some of the nerdiest people rise above it all to become the richest people on earth, but that doesn’t mean all nerds go to silicon heaven. If you can program a computer but can’t engage with people outside of nerdom on a social level, you’re probably going to be a desk jockey the rest of your life. So, nerds, drop the Nerdcore, the Wrock, the Nerd-branded music that only reinforces to the world that you are just that one thing. Get off your computer, go to a store where you have to interact with people, buy some decent music, go out to the bar and get drunk. For the love of Black Heimdall, loosen up! We can’t all be Han Solo, but that doesn’t mean you have to be C3-P0.


*Taste is subjective, but you should stil listen to us


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