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Any Asshole-Special Edition: Lauren O’Connell by jason
January 20, 2011, 10:00 am
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This was not the post I meant to write. I had a post ready to go that featured Julia Nunes and Pomplamoose, but something happened after I set it to post. I discovered Lauren O’Connell.

I should thank Pomplamoose for this. They talked her up HERE on their new live web show, talking up her song, “White Noise.” I mean, I had seen her do a duet with Julia Nunes before, but I never checked her out until now, and, well…I’m not sure what to say. Just listen.

Like, I know a lot of you had, like me, never heard Lauren O’Connell, and it was so important to fix this that the post I meant to write is postponed. I mean, that’s a professional recording right there. I’m buying that. My god, when she plays the banjo with the bow, it sounds so distant, so ghostly.

And she doesn’t just sound good when she had editing backing her up. Here she is sitting in her dorm, playing “Levers and Gears”:

And here’s her rendition of the traditional “O Death.”

How many instruments does she play? How does one person have that much talent? I mean, I listen to someone like this, and I think “I thought I played guitar. Turns out, I only play with a guitar.” I so want to see this girl live. I want to see her open for Murder by Death or something. That would be a show.

Anyway, I usually fill these Any Asshole posts with covers, so here she is covering Wilco’s “I am Trying to Break Your Heart.”

So what you should do now is go to Lauren O’Connell’s My Space page, where you can buy her songs. Seriously. just do it.



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