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Review: naisian – Mammalian by Jayson
January 18, 2011, 10:27 am
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(album art not yet available)

Despite the time I’ve spent doing this, I always have a hard time articulating why I like something. This stands in direct opposition to my laser-like ability to hone in on the things I dislike and proceed to go on about the at great length.

So in starting to write this review, I am in a bad place because I really like Mammalian. In fact, if four Englishmen I never met decided to create and release an EP precisely designed that one American blogger (being me) would really like it, you’d have a hard time being Mammalian. I shall try to go over why I like it:

Vocals: The vocals are great. This is precisely that kind of post-death metal roar that I find to kick the most ass. Think Caleb Scofield singing for Zozobra, by means of comparison.

The music: Everyone is laying it down here. Again, this is kind of that higher energy sludge that I dig. It’s the kind of thing that  fills you up, but never lets you down.

The prog: The bit at the end of “Fletcher-Munson” that almost sounds like banjo as the song plays out, the bass in “Take Me to the Mountain Dew Mountain” that approaches psychedelic funk. The string interlude on the title track.

In conclusion, this is a great ep. I was completely rocked by it. It was as though Will Smith himself rang, then punched me in the noise and yelled ‘WELCOME TO EARF!’ after I opened the door. It rocked that hard.

Mammalian will be out on February 26th. Until that point you should head over to naisian’s MySpace and check out some of their older stuff, then proceed to their shop.


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