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Review: The 4-Qs- This is a Single EP by jason
January 7, 2011, 10:59 am
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The 4-Qs- This is a SingleEP. Self-released, 2011.
I’ve mentioned the 4-Qs a couple of times here. They’re a local band in Akron who I’ve seen a couple of times, and I’m friends with Terry and Nicky Mortensen, the bassist and one of the vocalists, respectively. Well, they’ve finally gone into the studio to record an album, and they’ve released a few of the songs as an EP on Bandcamp.

The first thing that strikes me, right from the first song, “Patti No,” is how much vocalist Kristen Casale sounds like Alanis Morissette. I mean this in the best way possible…she sounds like Alanis from Jagged Little Pill, not from the other crap she did. The song itself is kind of a cross between 90s grunge and Iggy Pop.

The second song, “New Wave,” chronicles the relationship of a couple of bar-hoppers. Nicky and Kristen trade vocals back and forth, which works because the two sound so different; Nicky’s voice is softer and more controlled, where Kristen sings with an intentional harshness. I’ve talked about this blending of vocal styles before, and I think it really works. It’s a nice contrast.

The EP finishes off with “Wasted Day,” a mellow, bluesy number with vocals by Nicky, in which the narrator contemplates blank walls and wasted time. It seems to be a theme here, and it makes me wonder if the theme will carry over to the album.

These three songs are a nice showcase of the different sounds of the 4-Qs. While each song is stylistically different, they are not jarringly different, and nothing feels out of place here. If this is a preview of what the upcoming album sounds like, I’ll be anxiously waiting for it.

This is a Single can be downloaded for free at the band’s Bandcamp site, but if you want to give them some money, I’m sure they’d appreciate it.


The 4-Qs on MySpace.


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