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Review: Theologian -The Further I Get From Your Star, The Less Light I Feel On My Face by Jayson


Pure brutal ambient.  The Further I Get… is an excellent example of complex minimalism. This record is really evocative of a sense of coldness and isolation. Certainly parts of it, specifically the bits with vocals, have a distinct “descent into madness” quality; but taken on the whole it has a quality of vastness and emptiness. What I like about this was for me it was an exercise in conflicting emotions. There’s loneliness and horror in the void, but alternately, there is peace and tranquility. It’s easy to drift along on the oscillations of quiet white noise, only to be blasted minutes later by some heavy industrial menace.

This is one of those records that falls into the “challenging but rewarding” and “deserving of repeated, careful listening” categories for me. Easily worth your time if you’re up for it.

Available on Crucial Blast

– Jayson


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