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Any Ashole with a Guitar and a Camera by jason

Well, the new year is fast upon us. That’s just an observation, mind you…this isn’t a special edition of Any Asshole of anything. Hopefully, the new year will bring many more Assholes with their acoustic covers of songs on guitar, ukulele, accordion, and whatnot. So, let’s look at the last Assholes of 2010.

First of all, here’s Herc Magnus, who might have the manliest name I’ve heard this year, covering STP’s “Plush.” It’s a pretty straight forward cover of the acoustic version. His playing is pretty much dead on, though, so here it is. What is this song about, anyway? Why are the dogs looking for “her”? The world may never know.

Next up, here’s Brad Doggett rocking out to Lady GaGa’s “Poker Face.” He makes it his own here, and he’s got a great voice. Actually, for sheer talent, I think this guy ranks in the top ten of all the Assholes this year. It’s definitely the best cover of this song I’ve heard. Look, I’m just saying…this guy is good.

Next, because this was the year of the ubiquitous MGMT cover, here’s la french sauce (all lower case) covering “Kids.” They seem like they’re having fun, they sound good…let’s listen.

I’m not a huge Muse fan, but Jessie Ewing has a has some nice vocal control in her cover of “Time is Running Out.” It’s not the style I’m into…she lists Amy Lee as one of her biggest influences, and I can’t stand Evenescence. It works for her, though.

And you know what? Let’s stare longingly at Julia Nunes one last time this year.

Those are the last Assholes of 2010! Come back in 2011 for more assholes!



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