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Review: Alec Stewart – The Ghost and The South by Jayson
December 22, 2010, 2:08 pm
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In the interest of full disclosure, Alec is one of my oldest and best friends. Dude and I went to art school together. Having said that, if I didn’t like this album I would have just punted on it by posting a ‘check out a thing of my homeboy!’ link and not going into it at all.

Still I can’t really divorce myself from the personal connection. I know this guy, I know what he’s about. Back in the day sitting around and talking endlessly about music, he established the simple metric of whether an album or musician has soul or not. It’s incredibly simple and hard to define. It’s like that old thing about porn; you know it when you see it. You know soul when you hear it. I bring all this up, because I am writing this to tell you that Alec and The Ghost and The South have a lot of soul.

This album is a transition from his last one. Where I’d call that last indie-folk, Ghost is a legitimate blues record. That’s special, because today the blues is played as some kind of weird anachronistic contrivance played at festivals by dudes who claim to venerate it without actually feeling anything. Listening to Ghost, you can hear Alec has a real understanding of roots music. Dude knows the old folk stuff, the original blues men from the 20s. That, and this is a really intensely personal album. The man has himself a case of the blues. You can feel it coming through. Damn good stuff.

I am going to strongly recommend you buy this. You can do so at CD Baby. If I had been more on the ball, this album would be in my top best music list.

– Jayson


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