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Top musical disappointments of 2010. by Jayson
December 21, 2010, 1:47 pm
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Kevin told me to write this.

Albums I bought:

Deftones – Diamond Eyes

This is on some people’s best of lists. I apologize for how heteronormative this expression is, but I feel it coveys the point so well I have to use it; Diamond Eyes huffs mad dongs. I really liked White Pony back in the day. I still like it. This is it though. The Deftones have tried and failed to build upon that album’s sound. Three strikes and you’re out. Whatever it is they had, it is gone and it is not coming back. Time for embarrassing solo projects, guys.

High on Fire – Snakes for the Divine

More frustrating than an album that outright sucks, Snakes for the Divine bothers me that much more for my inability to figure out why it’s not working. I really like High on Fire. Like a lot. Top metal band for me here. Snakes is just… not rockin’ I mean it is, you can listen to it and there isn’t any kind of major prog rock deviation or some kind of really ill-advised turn. It’s just not as good as anything else High on Fire has done. It’s like a whole album of mostly filler.

Electric Wizard – Black Masses

They blew it here. Mix the cymbals down and the low end up, thanks.

Lucero – 1327 Overton Park

The biggest disappointment of the year, really. I don’t really know what happened here. Despite writing a music blog, I don’t keep up to date with everything. I don’t even keep up with all the stuff I like. I am still in some kind of pre-internet-obsessive mode with this stuff. There was new Lucero album, I bought it. I’d loved everything they did up to this point, so problem. This is the ‘radical departure that screws up the sound completely’ album. I got no idea why they have a horn section. Regardless it doesn’t matter. It ruined the sound.

General disappointments:

I got weird about the metal this year. Starting off the year I was still riding high on the wave of 2009’s rocktober metal releases. Then stuff happened. Everything everyone was real hype on I just found to be completely mediocre.

Reading about metal:

We’ll never know exactly why but things sucked this year.

Everyone that talked shit about the thrash revival: You are old. No one cares that you had a Sodom tape in 87.

Everyone that was upset about hipsters, like hipster black metal, hipster kids at stoner rock shows: If the people who come to the show ruin the show for you, you don’t like music. You never did like music. You liked having a secret decoder ring and knowing the secret handshake. You’re a country club snob. You should join the Shriners, the Masons or perhaps the Elks.

There are 5 men that can run down metal and be both dead on and funny. Everyone else needs to come to terms with the fact the nerd ship sailed and we’re all on it. If you are not Gary, Sgt. D or the lads from Demon Pigeon, then stop.

More General disappointments:

We tried to give away CDs and couldn’t get the people that won the contest to collect them. One guy. Wow.

Spotify still ain’t come to the USA.

And like every day of my life. I am disappointed it myself.

Everything and everyone else was totally sweet.

– Jayson


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