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Review: Lost Coves – Self-Titled EP by Jayson
December 14, 2010, 9:49 am
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Lost Coves have a weird sound. Their Self-Titled EP was one I had to listen to multiple times to get a grip on. Among the thoughts I had during the course of listening to them: “These vocals are terrible.” “These vocals are genius.” “What the hell are these two doing?” “Oh man, this is excellent.”

I hear a lot of stuff going on in these sevens songs, and it’s pretty great. Without wanting to put words in the band’s mouths, I feel like I am detecting a lot of solid influences on a spectrum that includes Kyuss, The Icarus Line, Captain Beefheart and Dead Meadow. Those are all excellent reference points. I always tend to review by comparison, but also always feel it does a disservice to the band in question. Lost Coves don’t sound like all the aforementioned stuck in a blender, there are bits and pieces of things they’re doing that remind me of those bands. What they’re doing is playing modern psychedelic rock. It’s not stuff that is mired in the past, it’s a vision of psychedelic rock as if the members of Lost Coves invented it themselves. Which is worth noting, as a lot of what calls itself psychedelic rock still sounds like Tommy James and the Shondells.*

This is challenging music, it’s a very rewarding listen though. I think it’s worth your time, head over to their BandCamp site and have a listen. You can then proceed to buy yourself a copy over at Saw Her Ghost Records.

– Jayson

*I do also like Tommy James and the Shondells.


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