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Any Asshole with a blank and a blank. by jason

There are a lot of Assholes out there, and by Assholes, I mean talented musicians who can find an audience with the power of the internet. I usually restrict these Asshole posts to posts with guitars, but today, I figured, what the hell. So, here are some people playing instruments and doing a thing.

This first guy is T M Monroe. His version of John Lennon’s “God” is not the most accurate version, but he had a nice, folksy sound to his voice, and he’s playing the guitar just right for this song. I like that he cut out some of the “I don’t believe” parts, because, really, you could customize this song to fit your own personal theological paradigm. Word.

This next one is by Clara and her trusty ukulele, Billy. She’s covering a song I’ve never heard, “Coin Laundry” by Lisa Mitchell, so I don’t know if it’s a good cover. She sounds great, though, and she’s all sorts of cute, what with the French accent and all. I might love her. Sorry, Julia Nunes!

Here’s Margarita with her Autoharp, Maybelle. I don’t know what this thing is about people naming their instruments, but whatever. She does a pretty good cover of Lady GaGa’s “Pokerface” on that thing.

And finally, representing the piano, here’s Ellen, AKA wtrmlnellenx33, covering MGMT’s “Kids,” using an arrangement she wrote herself. Nice!

Well, It’s cold, so I’m going back to the cave to hibernate. Come back next week for more Assholes.


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