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Who wants to be my friend? by Jayson
November 27, 2010, 10:19 am
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Remember when I used to do these? I stopped mostly because there wasn’t a single good band friending me. Eventually I just stopped checking MySpace. Well MySpace is back* and so is this feature!

Eighteen Arms
“Hi, if you have enjoyed groundbreaking, trendsetting rock music like Tool, Pearl Jam, NIN and S. O. A. D – Check out Eighteen Arms – Visit eighteen”

You know. That sentence. Ok, lemme start over. First of all, I ain’t like any of those bands. Those are all bands that people base the totality of their personal identities around and rabidly love. To me they’re all really pretty uninteresting, safe mainstream choices for a certain type of person that I have an indistinct, ill-defined stereotype about. But a lot of ok people like them too and I have owned albums by all the above artists at one point in time. How is 18 arms? Ok. It’s guys that are good at making music making some music that I find as unintersting as their source material.

Friend: No
Buy: No

Sike Yo Mind
Club / Hip Hop / R&B

There is a part of this whole thing that is always kinda confusing to me. In the interest of self-promotion you want to reach people who like your music. You could cast a wide net and hope that by floating it out there it finds the right people. I actually have never understood the mechanism of musicians friending me on teh Space. I operate from the position that there is a human mind behind it, not an algorithm. I might be wrong though. This is exactly the opposite of what I like about hip hop. I always talk about the old school; lyrical prowess, mic skills, etc. I’m friends with Nine and Shock G. I have literally no idea what would make whoever sends out Sike Yo Mind’s friend requests think ‘that dude will love this!’ This is that thing where you have the really canned beat, and that one line repeated over and over and some very, very rudimentary rhymes starting about a minute in. Up in the club. I hate this kinda stuff. Nah mean.

Friend: Oh hell no.
Buy: See above.

I The Unlord
Death Metal / Down-tempo / Hardcore

Haha, this first track is called Heretic Nerd, that’s awesome. This actually sounds like what it says it sounds like. This is hitting that rare point of death metal I really like. Yeah, this is good. I’m down. My AV software went off when I went to get the demo, so watch out.

Friend: Yes
Buy: Yeah. You know it’s not going to be the to of my list, but yeah.

Death Metal/Psychedelic/Black Metal

Wow. I am going to award points for originality, for whatever that is worth. The first song opens with some Primus-like bass, then turns into something that sounds like that one Dethklok song, then finishes up as a mix of old school death and hardcore. I don’t know. I hate that ‘bung bung bung’ style of bass guitar. What I’m taking as supposed to be the psychedelic elements sound much more like progressive elements. Yeah, lead vox guy is the bass player. The sound makes a lot of sense in that regard. I like Motorhead, I don’t like Primus. Someday the collective rage of all the bass players in the world will boil over and destroy us all.

Friend: I guess.
Buy: Probably not.

I don’t think the new MySpace layout is as bad as some people are making it out to be, I also like he new Twitter layout for what that’s worth. Looks like the Space made some changes under the hood. Every time I have logged on I’ve gotten IM’s from random pictures of hot girls. I am sure if I chatted with them they would tell me to check out their private photos or something. MySpace, this is why you are that plaza that just has a Cici’s pizza, 777 skilled games, check cashing and a Western Union of the web.

*MySpace is not actually back.

– Jayson


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