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Any Asshole with a Drumstick and some Cranberry Sauce by jason
November 25, 2010, 12:09 pm
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Well, it’s Thanksgiving, which means it’s the beginning of the Holiday clusterfuck season. So, while many of you are eating your turkey and stuffing, and while I am having my Tofurkey and potatoes, here are some holiday-themed Assholes:

Pomplamoose…no!!! You were two of our favorite Assholes! Nataly, why??? Why have you betrayed us!?! Indie Cred -200 points, according to the Indie Cred Rulebook. I looked it up.

OK…on with the show. Here’s DaV, AKA RhumOnFirecovering Ray Davies’ “Thanksgiving Day.” The sound’ quality’s not the best, but he does a pretty good job of it. I’m actually surprised there aren’t more covers of this, especially today. Anyway, DaV has a great voice, and it kind of reminds me of Jarvis Cocker.

There aren’t many Thanksgiving songs on the YouTubes, so here’s a Christmasy-type song. I liked this song a lot until my lady-friend pointed out that it’s about date rape. “Hey, what’s in this drink?” Roofies, probably. Anyway, Kyle Tracy and Ali K. sound great here. Ali’s voice is perfect for this song.

And finally…you know what, Pomplamoose? I can’t stay mad at you. You guys are awesome, and you deserve the recognition and, you know, the cash, that the commercials brought you. You guys rock.

As always, come back next week for more Assholes, and have a happy Thanksgiving, unless you are Native American, in which case, I apologize on behalf of White People.



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No amount of indie cred points will ever diminish the beauty of Natalie’s voice and her vacant stare. I wish she was here, and I was trying to decide if she was gazing in my eyes or just kinda zoning out. *sigh*

Comment by Jayson

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