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New music and commentary. by Jayson
November 9, 2010, 10:22 am
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I’m slowing down here and things are backing up. I apologize to anyone who sent us anything in the last few weeks and hasn’t heard back. There is currently a back log of stuff I want to review, but there is just not the time right now.

Here is some stuff to listen to:

Breton – Counter Balance EP – While not a formal review. I like this a lot. It’s kind of a post-hip-hop thing if I had to classify it. It’s very good, go have a listen.

Arpeggi Records in Japan has posted two totally solid extended mixes that I am really enjoying. Looking forward to pretty much anything they’re doing.


I am digging the new Theologian a lot and will try to bust out a proper review in the coming days.

I watched the new Kanye video all the way through. It really made me feel like I was back in art school.

I finally took a listen to Slough Feg, after reading “controversial” opinions over on Invisible Oranges. I am not impressed by their music, not even a tiny bit.

I feel like I should write something about metal, because we got our start covering a lot of metal and we’re friends with a lot of the metal bloggers out there. People with names that start with the prefix Metal follow us on Twitter. Despite that, there is nothing on my radar at all in the metal world right now. I used to find out about things in only a couple of ways: metal blogs and MySpace. A lot of what’s going on in the metal blog world now doesn’t interest me. Tour diaries and interviews, often with bands I don’t like. Retrospectives; do we need to keep talking about Pantera still?  I’m just not interested in that. I am interested in new music, and am finding what I can find to be universally lacking. It feels like I’m just in a hold pattern with metal, waiting for the new Electric Wizard to drop or hoping that Batillus will surprise me with some new work. If you think I’ll like it, send it my way.

– Jayson



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I am liking Breton quite a bit. Kind of like glitch-hop Gorillaz? That doesn’t really do it justice — nice.

Comment by ymatto

you shouldn’t feel like you own anyone anything or that you have to write about something because ‘you should’. it’s much more interesting to read something positive about that which you like rather than something negative about something which isn’t doing it for you. especially if you’re looking for new music. by ‘new’ i mean ‘different’. you don’t really find that in the metal genre a whole lot anymore. for some people (me!) that’s just fine and dandy, but i’ve never claimed to be the sharpest hammer in the drawer.

metal, for the most part, doesn’t seem to be about pushing boundaries anymore. there’s the doom, the black, the thrash, the death, the etc. and in every era there ends up being a Sabbath or a Metallica, or a Mastodon or an Isis; some metal band that ends up materializing at the right place and right time, going on to spawn dozens of other bands that follow a similar formula but never quite hit the same mark as the forfathers in their prime. Then metal kind of churns and tumbles, grinding together aspects of existing styles, but very, -very- rarely gives us anything ‘new’ or ‘innovative’. Metal is more of the favorite jacket you still keep in the closet that you still like but don’t really wear all the time, or the pair of boots you still keep around because god-dammit they’re comfortable. metal isn’t really new shoes anymore.

Comment by patrick.

Hey, glad to see you’re still reading!

It’s not the overall genre, it’s just what’s happening now. I’m still listening to the same two Dismember albums over and over. It’s just gone on something like 6 months or more since I’ve heard a new band that I really liked.

Comment by Jayson

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