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Review: Her Name Is Calla – The Quiet Lamb by Jayson
October 29, 2010, 10:10 am
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Let me start by saying that The Quiet Lamb is an amazing record. So much so in fact, that I really didn’t have any idea what to say about them to start this review off.

Sophie from the band contacted me about their new record, because I am down as liking post rock. What Her Name Is Calla are doing here is so much more expansive than the conventions that have come to define the genre, that it’s not an entirely fair or accurate description. A big part of that is because they have vocals, which you don’t associate with the genre anymore. Tom Morris has an incredible voice, everything he and the other vocalists bring is a major addition to the bands sound.

This is a mostly quiet record. The band largely eschews the loud-quiet-loud dynamic for more gradual buildups that span several tracks. When you do hit the moments of  bombast and crescendo, they have that much more impact. The major thing that impressed me about the band and the album is the multi-instrumental approach. Songs on The Quiet Lamb repeatedly will repeatedly establish a tone and continue in that direction long enough for the listener to fall into it, only to introduce something new; banjo, flute, an ambient soundscape. Nothing they do ever sounds out-of-place though. Compositionaly the entirety of The Quiet Lamb is incredibly well thought out, it’s rock solid. Even the big transition to the very western sound at the end, with its horns, sounds perfectly natural, a fitting end to the story.  This album has an incredibly strong sense of narrative. There is a very real story here, a whole saga even, the whole thing.

I can’t really do this album justice. Head over to Devonali and get this.

– Jayson

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