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Friday. by Jayson
October 15, 2010, 9:44 am
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Insane Clown Posse. Seems like there is a data point correlation between them being open about being evangelical Christians and that recent poll where the people that know the least about religion being the most religious. If you haven’t read that Guardian interview, you probably don’t care. Maybe you’re one of those people who had it figured out in 93. I will say that after reading it, I walked away feeling actually bad for those guys. They’re so dumb they don’t know they’re dumb and it’s causing them a lot of grief. It is sad to me though that they represent a huge part of the failing of contemporary Christian music. Either it has be be extremely veiled to try to trick people into listening to it, or mindlessly bland. Again, give me Johnny Cash any day. The man wasn’t afraid to say what he believed in, nor was he afraid to make it compelling.

You’ll have noticed I’m kind of off the metal right now. Couple of reasons for this: there isn’t anything compelling going on that I can detect. I just haven’t heard anything that’s really exciting in quite a while. Part of this is just that you know, people know what we’re about and the metal folks, with one exception, don’t send us any promos; where the indie, hip-hop and experimental/ambient musicians & labels do. The last thing is that I am just pretty sick of a lot of the metal writing that is going on out there and don’t feel like going to metal sites to see what’s up. It’s either a lot of paid coverage about stuff I don’t care for, pointless retrospectives or the metal joke. Case in point, Agoraphobic Nosebleed have a new site, You can go and read roughly the same joke about how metal sucks and is ridiculous that Sgt. D made over a year ago when he was writing for Metal Inquisition or that Demon Pigeon and others continue to make on and off to this day. I am never sure if we’re supposed to laugh because metal sucks, laugh because metal sucks and then feel weird pangs of guilt and self-loathing because we actually like all this terrible shit, do the first two then interpret receiving a knowing wink from the author, or what.  Too hard to figure out anymore. Too hard to care. James Randall and I have both read at least one of the same books though, s’all good.

Banksy? Seriously? It’s not 1999. Banksy is about as subversive as a fart in church. Fuck that guy and the horse he rode in on. The Simpsons tagged him, not the other way around; the last seal and certification of his total irrelevance.

I think that’s it. I’ll come back and do something people are interested in later.

– Jayson


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