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Any Asshole with a Guitar and a Camera by jason

There’s no theme this week…I’m just browsing through the recent acoustic covers on YouTube, looking for Assholes.

First up, here’s Alec Frost doing a pretty decent cover of Radiohead’s “Street Spirit (Fade Out).” I usually don’t like the pretentious visual effects in videos like these, but it kind of works for this one. And though he changes the melody a bit, it’s close enough to the original to make me happy. If there’s anything happy about this song, that is.

Next up is Kierra Folsom doing her take on Kings of Leon’s “Sex on Fire.” I really like what she does with this song. She does a good job of turning it from a rock song to a singer/songwritery type thing. I honestly wouldn’t have thought the song would work that way, but it totally does. Totally.

Here’s the Chubby Guitar Player giving a very entertaining cover of Cee-Lo Green’s “Fuck You.” The song is great, his banter is great, his response to the haters in his YouTube comments is great. And I agree with one of the commenters…I didn’t expect that singing voice after I heard him talk. Rad.

And finally, Benjamin Poole does an awesome rendition of The Mountain Goats’ “Love Love Love.” It’s one of my favorite songs, and he really does it justice.

That’s it for this week’s Assholes! Come back next week for your Asshole fix!



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