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Review: Collapse Under The Empire – The Sirens Sound by Jayson
October 13, 2010, 10:06 am
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Post-rock is by now a well established genre with well defined conventions. There are more bands doing it and as happens with everything, the sound becomes somewhat codified. Not something I’ve had a problem with, but having said that, it’s very welcome to hear something innovative.

Collapse Under the Empire you’ve heard if you downloaded the Gone In 60 Seconds compilation from I Heart Noise. If you missed that one, CUTE are a German duo that combine post-rock with electronic. On the post rock front, they’re covering all the bases that define the best bands of the genre; a strong sense of narrative, moments of quiet, moments of fury, and on. What sets CUTE apart is the electronic element. Standing in contrast to the analog instrumental bits the electronics have a  sound ranging from an eerie, bleak quality reminiscent of the soundtracks from John Carpenter movies to more dynamic sounds. The interplay between the electronic and analog makes for a really engaging listen. Don’t pass on this album.

Told you so.

CUTE MySpace

CUTE Official site

The Sirens Sound and other CUTE albums are available here.

– Jayson

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