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Friday. by Jayson
October 1, 2010, 10:09 am
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You know, in terms of trying to build this site into a thing that is read by more than 5 people we’ve done a fair amount of basic stuff to promote it. We’ve made friends and acquaintances. We do Twitter and Facebook. I do the Twitter.

I was listening to whoever writes the Agoraphobic Nosebleed Twitter go off about how metal isn’t subversive. I started off an angry rant about this which was semi-directional, but gave up. I liked the last AN album, a lot; but that really is that. Maybe I care about what you have to say because it’s interesting, but after I’ve heard it, I reserve judgment. Taste in music is just what it is, it doesn’t represent some unassailable political philosophy.

I used to like metal because I liked metal. Maybe it was a superficial like, maybe it was extremely deep and profound on a level that can’t be expressed by words. Regardless, it wasn’t something I subjected a lot of analysis to. In general my taste in music has been about me and my relation to the music. I feel like I have control over it. I define it. I have tended not to give a shit about what people think, to ever increasing degrees as I get older. At about 22 I realized that my CD collection wasn’t going to impress anyone enough that they’d sleep with me. Once you figure that out, you might as well just listen to what you listen to. Now that I’ve subjected it to a lot of analysis, I can come back and say ‘I maybe ain’t care about your opinions, necessarily.’

Ultimately though, I don’t really believe in cultural subversion or the concept of counterculture; and certainly not in the world of music. Just like Satanism is arguably the most extreme form of Christianity, any counter-cultural movement is just a part of the society that it’s reacting to. You know, defining yourself in opposition… etc. That and in music no one wants genuine counterculture, they want a little group with secret decoder rings so they can bask in the warm glow of us vs. them.

Cake have a new album! It’s coming out Jan 11th. Cake were always one of my favorite bands of late era ‘alternative rock.’ I’ll be interested to hear this. I have all their stuff except the b-sides and while there is something of merit on each album, I feel they really did lose momentum toward the end of their original 10 year run.

Soul Khan – Thunder in Paradise

Because we love you, here is some more new Soul Khan.

– Jayson


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