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Boobies. by jason
September 28, 2010, 10:00 am
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I wasn’t too enthusiastic about the new releases today, so I’m not writing about them. However, two videos came out that feature something that both I and Jayson like: naked ladies.

Two videos were released last week that have just that. One of these videos is all kinds of awesome. The other is…well…

We’ll start with the “well” first. The Flaming Lips ain’t right. The concept of this video is “A naked lady drinks animated urine from a huge ball with a vagina, then flings animated urine for the next 4 minutes.” Not my idea of a good time, but hey, if you’re into that…

Here’s the video for “See the Leaves,” which is obviously NSFW, and if you didn’t figure that out from my description, then I don’t know what to tell you.

The second video is “Bombay” by El Guincho. I like where this guy’s head’s at. He walks us through the human experience, which seems to be mostly comprised of naked ladies. Sounds about right. Again, NSFW, and this one doesn’t even block out the naughty bits.

Here’s to hoping this nudity thing is a trend. Everyone could use more boobies.



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