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Album review: John Vanderslice-Green Grow the Rushes EP by jason
September 22, 2010, 10:00 am
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John Vanderslice-Green Grow the Rushes EP. Self-released, 2010. (Free digital download).

John Vanderslice’s Green Grow the Rushes is kind of an odd bird. It’s dark…not quite as dark as, say, Emerald City, but certainly much darker than Romanian Names. At the same time, it manages to be less energetic, more somber than the previous two albums. It’s more melancholy than angry, more pop than powerpop.

That said, it is unmistakeably a John Vanderslice album. The chords and melodies all feel familiar, and any Vanderslice fan knows exactly what I am talking about. It has the same jangly guitars, the same electronic beeps and blips lightly peppering the more traditional instruments, the same clean two-part harmony. So while Green Grow is perhaps another side of JV, it’s not a shocking change of pace.

When I saw that he was releasing this so soon after last year’s Romanian Names (though I guess this isn’t THAT soon), I figured it would sound, as many follow up EPs do, like a bunch of outtakes. Good news: it doesn’t at all. Green Grow the Rushes is its own thing-a short, melancholy little EP. All these songs are good, though “I’ll Never Live up to You” and “Lay Down” probably stand out the most.

All in all, Green Grow the Rushes is worth picking up, even if you aren’t a John Vanderslice fan. And it’s free on Vanderslice’s website, so why not, right?



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I pretty much can’t stop listening to this album. And I’ve been back on Pixel Revolt as well. And then I hit the goats’ We Shall All Be Healed. So that’s where I’ve been.

Comment by Devin

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