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A boring list: My favorite hardcore albums. by Jayson
September 22, 2010, 11:40 am
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See I thought writing this was a good idea because I don’t like hardcore, like at all. Well nearly not at all. Well I guess it depends on what we’re talking about. See, the older you get the more words cease to mean anything like they used to. Emo? That used to mean like, Fugazi and Jawbreaker. Noise rock? You’re talkin’ about Unsane and the Cows, right? Hardcore? You mean the punk music that was played predominantly from 1980 on that was faster and more aggressive than the previous style of dominant punk? Are we talking NYCHC, tough guys singing about tough guy stuff? Are we talking about Hatebreed? Maybe the late 90s early 2000s stuff like Poison the Well? Neil Perry? Saetia?

That is kinda my point. For the sake of the what have you here, I will define hardcore as the NYCHC tough guy stuff and/or anything Hatebreedy. I like all the old hardcore punk, but when you say hardcore to someone today, no one thinks ‘Oh I too am a Bad Brains fan.’

I have distilled my dislike of hardcore down to the following:

  • I have never actually mistaken myself for tough. Even as a young man.
  • My friends or “crew” at any given point also failed to mistake themselves for tough.
  • I didn’t grow up in NYC or any city, actually.
  • My politics are not easily expressed with gang chants.
  • My poor life choices are more like ‘I went to art school.’ than ‘I went to jail.’

With that in mind here are my fav hardcore albums!

Pro-Pain – Act of God

I am pretty sure no one likes Pro-Pain. I mean they have fans, but I have never read anything substantial about them in magazines or whatever. I think Sgt. D once said they were terrible. I am really fan of like 3-4 Pro-Pain albums they did in the mid to late 90s. Their clever use of horns on their single ‘One Man Army’ won me over. I will admit to a time where, having realized the title of every Pro-Pain song was the chorus and thinking I was too good for that, I sold all my albums. Now they’re out of print and I’ve had a hard time getting them back. I haven’t listened to anything new they’ve done. Having actually lived through the presidency of George W. Bush, I decided I did not need to buy 8 albums telling me how bad it is/was.

American Nightmare – Background Music

My favorite t-shirt for years was an American Nightmare shirt I picked up at a show where they opened for someone I can’t remember now. It had a pile of dead bodies on the back, but you couldn’t tell unless you really looked at it. I wore that shirt a lot until it had to be retired because of pit stains. You ever have that thing where your anti-persperant hardens into this white crust? That’s what happened to that shirt. I have since been searching for a way to fix that or another American Nightmare shirt with zero success. Maybe I should check out that site with all the Most Precious Blood shirts… These guys’ emotional-about-the-girl core really appeals to me.  This album also has a song called God Save the Queen, which is not the actual God Save the Queen and a song cleverly titled Your Arsonist. At least I think that’s clever, like a Morrissey joke, right? Also, did the singer for this band only have one hand? I miss my favorite shirt.

Give Up The Ghost – We’re Down ‘Till We’re Underground

This is American Nightmare after they were forced to change them name, changed it to American Nothing, realized that sucked and changed it again. This is more of the same, I-am-upset-about-how-things-went-with-her core. Their t-shirts were not nearly as cool though.

Poison the Well – The Opposite of December

This was the first time I ever heard screamy and clean vocals being mixed, I was blown away. Of course, now I hate that kind of thing, but there you go. I still think this is one of the best examples of that styles though and keep it around. “A Wish For Wings That Work” is a great song.

Integrity – Closure

The album that documents Dwid’s infatuation with Danzig. I got this from Dwid at the Cleveland Institute of Art 2002 graduation picnic. (Dwid was not a student) He gave it to me with the promise that I would not put it on ebay, as it was like 3 weeks before it was supposed to come out. He’s a good guy.

That’s it, told you I didn’t like hardcore much.

– Jayson


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