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Review: Grinderman-Grinderman 2 by jason
September 17, 2010, 12:18 pm
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Grinderman-Grinderman 2. Anti,2010.

Grinderman’s self-titled 2007 debut was a pretty rockin’ album. With Nick Cave as the lead singer and members of the Bad Seeds making up the band, it didn’t sound that different from Cave’s earlier output. Perhaps it was more guitar driven, perhaps it was a little more unpolished than the earlier stuff, but it didn’t sound that much different, stylistically, than Cave’s next album with the Bad Seeds, Dig Lazarus Dig. It was a Nick Cave album in a way that made me wonder why this was recorded under any other name.

With Grinderman 2, the band has turned itself into something else. While the first Grinderman album comes on like a drunken bar fight, Grinderman 2 comes from somewhere more primal, more primitive. The album alternately slithers (as on “When My Baby Comes” and the single “Heathen Child”) and strikes (see “Mickey Mouse and the Goodbye Man” and “Evil”).

The imagery on this album is ancient and ominous, with wolfmen, serpents, and a spider goddess populating the songs. In a way, a lot of this album feels like the old Bad Seeds song “Tupelo” with its Old Testament judgment literally raining down on the narrator. The monsters of Grinderman 2 come from somewhere far more primordial than that.

The packaging of the deluxe edition follows though with this imagery, with crude illustrations featuring Nick Cave drinking from the teat of what I assume is a wolf, the band walking through a primeval forest, carrying assault rifles, and the Heathen Child herself, dressed as a Hindu goddess.

Grinderman 2 is a great album that’s been in heavy rotation since I got it. The band has truly found itself here, and when they did, the abyss gazed also back.



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