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Friday. by Jayson
September 17, 2010, 11:42 am
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Extremely bad news for Jason. Sugar Slam is Violent J’s girl and mother of his children and therefore completely off limits. I read that in the Village Voice. Sorry, dogg.

Get Busy Committee has informed me on the Twitter that the Kickstarter single is coming out really soon, sometime before the album. I am stoked to finally get that.

I feel even if this is scripted, it pretty much shows Katy Perry to have whale poop for a soul.

Weren’t we supposed to have a new Electric Wizard album this year? Looks like they’re touring to the end of October or something. I need a new Electric Wizard record.

The Walkmen put out another song as an Amazon MP3 exclusive. This kinda reminds me of when I stopped reading comics as a teenager. For those of you not nerds, or nerds of a different stripe; this was the time when comics would all have different covers. Like you’d have X-Men, one cover would be Psylocke’s crotch, another would be Wolverine stabbing a guy. Then there would be a gold foil version. This isn’t quite as bad, because I’ve just been able to buy individual tracks, but I could see it getting that bad someday. Me? Yeah, I bought both.


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