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Wednesday by Jayson
September 15, 2010, 10:17 am
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So yeah; readers, us, it seems like everyone is doing something else. I know that there is nothing in the world of music that is super extra awesome right now, at least for me. Here is what is going on anyway.

Metal Sucks likes any band with a circle on the album cover. It’s true.

I didn’t know what the function of Metal Sanaz was until I read that thing on The Gauntlet that Elise linked to. I kinda resent the idea that I should go see a show because someone went to Hot Topic and some dude who puts her picture on fliers is good at Photoshop. That is not a compelling reason to attend.

Since Amie St. is going out of business they gave everyone who has an account $5 to spend on Amazon. I picked up the XX album for $2. It’s not bad but it really is a lot better with Biggie rapping over top it.

I forgot about the Black Mountain release until Jason posted yesterday. I guess the two songs they promo’d didn’t move me. I will still end up owning it at some point though.

I watched The Runaways movie. I thought it sucked, the dialog is terrible. Cherie Currie does chainsaw sculptures now. The bears are really cute, maybe when I have a superfluous $400.

Jack White invented a type of record using science. It’s a 12″ with a 7″ inside of it. I know what you’re thinking, I thought the same thing too: Jack White is still making music? I mean right, right? Sadly, I’ll probably find myself wanting one for 20 minutes later in the week.

I bought the one track from Lisbon that was an iTunes exclusive. Torn between finding that concept bunk and being super fan #1.


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