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Azure Ray-Drawing Down the Moon. Saddle Creek, 2010.

I got a chance to sample some of this before it came out. These two gals are haunting. Seriously, if you get a chance, just listen to the first track.

Black Mountain-Wilderness Heart. Jagjaguar, 2010.

SHARK!!! Jayson keeps telling me to give these guys a try. Perhaps I will. That’s all I have to say on the matter.

Blonde Redhead-Penny Sparkle. 4AD, 2010.
I first heard Blonde Redhead on Pandora. They haven’t let me down so far, so I might just have to take a listen to this one.

Grinderman-Grinderman 2. Anti, 2010.

NICK CAVE!!!!! I love Nick Cave, and the 1st Grinderman album was the shit. I’m listening to this second one right now online, and it sounds better than the last one. In fact, here’s a video from it. It’s NSFW for boobies and general strangeness.

Of Montreal-False Priest. Polyvinyl Records, 2010.

Of Montreal have a new thing out. I never really got into these guys in the same way that I’m not really into the Flaming Lips. I feel like I should really like them, that there is something there that I’m missing. I dunno.

The Vaselines-Sex with an X. Sub Pop, 2010.

I mentioned that this was coming out before. If you haven’t heard these guys, you’ve heard their songs covered by Nirvana. It’s strange because they actually sound more like Belle and Sebastian, but smarmier.

Weezer-Hurley. Epitath, 2010.

I read somewhere that Rivers Cuomo never even watched Lost. What that says to me is “Hey geeks! We know you like the thing, so we’ll put a picture of that guy from the thing on our CD and you’ll buy it.” They are laughing at you. They are manipulating you. To Eleven readers, do me a favor: STOP BUYING WEEZER RECORDS. If you stop, I’ll try to as well.

This was a huge week. I can’t possibly buy most of what I want. Anyone want to start a collection for me?

There were several tribute albums including a Smooth Jazz tribute to Nee-Yo and String Tribute To Avenged Sevenfold – Volume 2. Volume 2??? There is that much of a market for it?

Listening to Weezer’s album now online. It’s…better than the red album, but it is still pretty terrible. DON’T BUY IT.



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I can give support to Black Mountain. Generally face-meltingly good rock, but I think you, Jason, would especially dig the song “Buried By The Blues.” Also, I’m secretly in love with Blonde Redhead. Generally, their last four albums have all been really excellent to my ears.

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