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Review: The Walkmen – Lisbon by Jayson
September 10, 2010, 2:58 pm
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The Walkmen have grown to be one of my favorite bands. I’ve always liked their stuff, but their music has come to have some actual meaning. For me, their songs have always seemed to be about the life I’m living or the life I want to live. They’ve also come to be what I think of as my grown-up music; both lyrics and music have always felt like they reflect a properly mature perspective. I mean that in the best way possible.

I’ve been listening to Lisbon all week, because I have to admit on the first listen I didn’t like it near as much as You & Me. Usually that is that, but I thought that I’d come around after a while. Turns out I was right. I had the same reaction to A Hundred Miles Off. Back then when the horns on Louisiana hit, I didn’t know what to think. Now I love the band’s use of horn. The more upbeat sounding stuff on Lisbon was the same thing. I didn’t know if I liked it at first, but having spent the time with it I realized that I really liked all those songs too.

Lisbon’s sound feels like it encompasses the band’s entire ten year career. You have a couple of downright jaunty tracks that remind me of their stuff from the split with Calla; ranging to sounds that sound like a direct followup to You & Me. After a week with it, I love it.

– Jayson

Lisbon is available from Fat Possum.

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