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Who wants to be my friend? by Jayson
September 7, 2010, 10:20 am
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Been a while since I did one of these. I did that stupid thing again where I sat on these too long and some of them went away. Let’s do what we came to do with the remaining ones.

Warmth Terminal

You know I use warm to describe a lot of of the music I like. It’s a definite thing for me, especially with ambient. This is extremely minimalistic, maybe a notch or two above Eleh but much less active than Horizon Fire, by means of placing it on a continuum. I love this. Listening to the first track, On that day, I can honestly say this is the perfect example of the extreme minimal ambient subgenre.

Friend: Yes
Buy: I am when I’m done writing this.

I, Zombie
Metal / Rock / Minimalist

I consider myself one of the leading proponents of experimental music, but you know, just because you try a musical experiment doesn’t mean you’re going to get something awesome and worth consideration. I’m not sure what the deal with this is. Really standard metal vocals, a cheap synth providing drums, a bass played like a guitar maybe, and the whole thing sounding worse than the tape your friends made in high school using a boom box to record themselves playing live. This band is friends with about a hojillion other bands that I think are excellent, so this is probably someone I don’t want to offend’s side project. The polite response is that I don’t really understand this and it’s not for me, the impolite response would be ‘I think this sucks.’ Sorry, potentially important person in underground metal, not playing the game this morning.

Friend: No
Buy: No

Marvin Ayers
Minimalist / Classical / Electroacoustic

Oh, lovely. You know, of the classical instruments my greatest love lies with the strings, with piano being the second. So I’m getting both on the first two tracks Mr. Ayers has posted. Instant win. Really reminds me more of contemporary classical, like Rachel’s than the minimal/electroacoustic tag. Could be I need to delve deeper into the man’s catalog, which won’t be a problem.

Friend: Yes
Buy: Yes

So, Marvin Ayers and Warmth Terminal are both in London, which means a massive shipping bill. I’ll have to wait until Matt goes to London again or something.

– Jayson


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