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What’d you get us? by Jayson
September 4, 2010, 10:35 am
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Hey. We’re a year old today. How ’bout that? Just 12 short months ago we started with Jason forgetting he’s not in eight grade writing about how the evils of capitalism are preventing everyone from enjoying the terrible bands he likes. I followed immediately with an unfunny post about the Smiths. Yeah… nothing has really changed huh?

We should have done a thing. A couple of nights ago Jason and I said ‘we should think of a thing to do.’ We left it there. I will probably be obnoxious about it on Twitter for a few hours, but anyway. Anyway.

I’d like to say thanks to:

  • Elise from Reign in Blonde, for linking to us the off times we were funny and being my best internet blog metal pal.
  • Matt, for being our most loyal reader and his occasional contributions; which are better than any of my stuff.
  • Freshnerd, for being supportive of the whole effort here and always letting us know about the new stuff.
  • Kim Kelly for putting me on the Catharsis PR list.
  • Tony from Earjerk Records for being the first person to send us promos.
  • Soul Khan, because Soul Khan is the man.
  • Max Tannone for always sending us the new stuff.
  • Evil Wesley Vinton and Kyle Antivenin for being my bros on Twitter and always putting us in the follow Fridays, even when we stopped doing it at all (it reminds me of high school now.)
  • Dan from Demon Pigeon, and also that dog_of_flame guy on Twitter.
  • Ilya from I Heart Noise for asking me to write something.
  • The Murder City Devils for commenting here. That was just like the cute girl you’ve liked for a long time but are afraid to talk to saying hi. Magical.
  • Skeletonwitch for being the first band to follow us on Twitter.
  • Andrew WK for linking to us and giving us the first big pop of hits that wasn’t Lady Gaga derived.
  • Pushkar Ojha – Thanks again for the LP.
  • Anyone who submitted stuff for us to listen to.
  • Lady Gaga for being the patron saint of our hit count.
  • A couple of hundred disappointed people looking for stuff about Lady Gaga; a few really disappointed people looking for sexy pictures of her.
  • All the people who’ve taken the time to comment here.
  • All the other fans who just read us without commenting. We know you’re reading, we see the numbers. WE CAN SEE YOU.
  • The Facebook fans.
  • Whoever I forgot, who is sitting there feeling bummed or angry now. Sorry.
  • Kelly Dollyrot, because I was listening to her band when I wrote this.
  • Jason, for agreeing to do this with me in the first place.

– Jayson

This is just me, Jason can write his thing, thank people, get weepy, forget to do it; whatever.


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Actually, I think you said it all. I would just add a thank you to Beth for being the official unofficial To Eleven Street Team before we had out Facebook page.

And a thanks to you, Jayson, for agreeing to do this with me.

Comment by jason

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