to eleven

Friday by Jayson

I understand Danny Trejo is in this movie too.

This felt like a slow week.

I checked into that site where you can get your cremated remains pressed into a record. That seems ok, but I have a hard time trusting a site that uses a custom cursor in 2k10. Sorry.

I was wrong about the music selection for the Wasteland Weekend. I have been informed by the event organizers that it is going to be appropriately f’n brutal. I wish I could go now, promises to be a completely great time.

I was gonna buy something from Joan Jett’s label, Blackheart Records. You know, physical format and all. CD was $10, when I got to shipping there was only a $12.50 option. That was a no. This goes back to that whole thing of artist not making any money on actual music sales unless… Well given the choice of getting the album from the label and putting money in the artists pocket but having it gouged from mine or going download, I went download. You can only expect so much from the fans, there is a recession here… Whoever runs that label should look into a thing called USPS Media Mail.

Speaking of downloads, word on the street is that Google is going to have Google Music up and running by the holiday season. Is anyone stoked for this?

James White has another metal shirt that is even more awesome than the black metal busters one. Check it out. I had to get myself this one.

Yeah slow week… we have a fair amount of  promo stuff to get through and write up but not before I see Machete. Priorities. I’ll be back to write up more stuff during the course of the weekend.

– Jayson


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