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My current, updated thoughts on metal. by Jayson
September 2, 2010, 10:21 am
Filed under: Credibility, Metal

I could start this about 4 different ways, I’ll pick one and try to cover my bases.

You know I like the metal, I listen to a lot of it, it’s like 1/3 of my total daily intake of music. I’ve been on a big Toxic Holocaust kick on and off for a month or two now, been rocking out to An Overdose of Death a lot this week. The other day I mentioned to Elise that I was kinda sick of metal adjectives, you know the same tired words that every reviewer and/or pr person uses to describe the what have you. I’m particularly sick of “nihilistic.”

I sort of fundamentally disagree with nihilism as a philosophy. I see it as a rejection of the old idea of a divine order, but whatever. Vast tracks of the metal landscape are unable to move beyond ‘why do good things happen to bad people?’ Hail Satin, whatever. But you know, I can see how people are nihilists or whatever, I just think it would be probably more honest to write ‘you probably won’t smile while listening this.’ I also hate when someone writes ‘they mean it’ regarding some band’s espousal of some extreme philosophy, because that’s truly doubtful.

Take the Discovery Channel Hostage crisis. That guy believed all humanity and civilization were scum and human beings were a cancer, he just didn’t decide the answer was to cut an album and tour it. Now, I’d rather he had; but I call bs on metal bands really meaning it. You don’t, that guy did and he was a madman.

Just like that whole dumb thing with Levi and the decapitation. We should all be wishing Nergal a painful death instead of a speedy recovery right? That’s extreme, that’s metal.

What this means to me is two things:

I am going to go listen to some hip-hop.

I am going to go back to listening to stupid, schitky metal that makes me smile. Municipal Waste, Toxic Holocaust, Warbringer? Those guys are the ones who really mean it. Metal for metal’s sake is ultimately more honest.

– Jayson


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