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Music for the Apocalypse (fun version) by Jayson

I know a lot of folks that go to Burning Man, but Matt brought this to my attention last week as a possible alternative, the Wasteland Weekend. You can probably figure out the deal without even clicking on the link. The whole thing is a Mad Max based festival deal, with vehicles, costumes and fire-breathing end of the world chicks. It satisfies the Burning Man-esque desire to be in the desert in a costume, will feature some cool cars and considering a festival based on The Road would suck, seems like it might be a good time.

Except for the music.The music sucks.

Actually it might be ok, I haven’t listened to it but that’s not the point. The point is DJs? Tribal drumming guys? We’re back in hippie rave land again.

The apocalypse is f’n metal, I mean there are metal bands that write songs exactly about this kind of thing:

I guess the barren future, I’ll be walking around with my iPod, like Denzel in Book if Eli, the party soundtrack to the end of the world just isn’t Mrs. DJ Liquid Sex Drive, regardless of how good she actually is.

– Jayson


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The BLM will not allow bands, so we’ve had to adjust by using DJs and other forms of live music. Wasteland Weekend believes the apocalypse can accommodate a lot of music styles, including metal, but also Industrial, rock, punk, and other forms of music. You forgot to mention Wasteland Radio, which will play all weekend:

Comment by Karol

In regards to the Music, We are having 9 industrial DJ’s… That is not rave, and there will be plenty of interjections of metal for Rivet Heads. As for the Drumming, this is not some sort of hippie circle thing… The Bartertown Batteria consists mostly of industrial drummers, Taiko and metal acoustic percussion…. not mini beatnik tom toms or congas. We would love to of had some metal and industrial bands at the event, but the event is by permit, on federal land, and they did not allow it. So please don’t take offense, but your article misses the point on music completely. We’re not throwing a love in, we’re throwing an end of the world party, and the music will be end of the world music.

Comment by Jim Howard

No offense taken on this end, hope not too much was taken on yours.

Comment by Jayson

There will be Metal. Oh, yes. There will be Metal.

Comment by Combaticus

I stand corrected, and I’m very happy to hear it.

Comment by Jayson

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