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New Releases by jason

There’s a lot to talk about, so let’s just jump into this…

Carl Broemel-All Birds Say. ATO Records, 2010.

I got a chance to hear a few songs off of this album by My Morning Jacket’s guitarist. It has a nice, lazy sound to it. I’d probably get this and play it when I’m writing or if I’m just sitting around. I wouldn’t listen to it while going for a run, and I listen to Nico on runs sometimes.

The Clientele-Minotaur.Merge Records, 2010.

The only Clientele album I’ve heard was Strange Geometry, but it was pretty fantastic. They also did an awesome cover of MIA’s “Paper Planes” on the Onion’s AV Club. So, like, I’m not extremely excited about this one, but I’d like to get it.

Disturbed-Asylum. Reprise, 2010.

Disturbed have a new album. I’ll wager real money that it sounds pretty much like the last few.

True story: I saw these guys live at one of those festival shows. David Draiman came out and shouted, “Throw your devil hands in the air!” Ok, that’s cool. It’s a rock show. My hands went up. Then, he yelled “How is everyone? Are you ready? Throw your devil hands in the air!”

The thing is, you actually have to do something to get the second devil hands. You can’t just demand that shit*; you have to earn it. Disturbed does not earn it.

Fabolous-There Is No Competition 2: The Grieving Music Mixtape. Def Jam, 2010.

I’m only pointing this one out because of the early 2000s-tastic Photoshopping on the cover. None of the elements on that cover were actually in the same room.

Looking at the track list, though, there’s a concept thing going on. Hmmm….

Jenny and Johnny-I’m Having Fun Now. Warner Bros., 2010.

Jenny and Johnny are Jenny Lewis and Johnathan Rice. I like Jenny Lewis…Rilo Kiley is some pretty good stuff, and her Rabbit Fur Coat is one of my favorite albums. This, on first listen, was just OK. I’ll give it another listen before passing judgment, but if you like Jenny Lewis, you’ll probably like this.

Various Artists-String Tribute to Linkin Park.

Annnnd here’s the obligatory “tribute” album. I think the universe gets collectively dumber every time one of these is sold.

Philip Selway-Familial. Nonesuch, 2010.

I’m actually probably most excited about this solo album from Radiohead’s drummer. I’ve heard clips of tracks off this one, and it sounds amazing. Really mellow, ethereal, and surprisingly light on percussion, it really sounds almost nothing like Radiohead. Out of all the releases today, I’m probably going to get this one.

Some observations:

There were a ton of “Icon” edition CDs from Janet Jackson, Nirvana, and Rush, amongst others. I remember when a Nirvana greatest hits CD was a big deal.

There was a musical thing by Alan Moore with Mike Patton and others that was supposed to come out today, but it has vanished from Amazon. Weird.


*Unless you are Ozzy. See also: Dio.


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