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Review: Chief – Modern Rituals by Jayson
August 26, 2010, 1:16 pm
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I fell in love with Chief’s music right before I left. I was going to try and bang out a review before I left, but as it stands, I took the album with me and it was a big part of my personal soundtrack going to, being in, and coming back from Chicago.

I will just come out and say I love this album. Modern Rituals is a great pop-rock record. For me, it’s a really compelling antidote and response to the studied and practiced amateurism of modern indie rock. The whole record sounds polished, which is now an incredibly fresh take on making independent rock n’ roll. Evan Koga can really sing, the guy has a great voice. He also manages to be expressive while actually being in key, an awesome feat these days. The Fujikawa brothers and Mike Moonves are completely solid. You’ve got a total package here, just a great band making great music. There’s a very slight retro influence in their sound, maybe like 1 part per million of the Beach Boys; but Chief don’t sound derivative to me, they sound like a modern classic.

Chief – Modern Rituals is available on Domino Records.

I also love the album art.

– Jayson


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