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August 24, 2010, 12:31 pm
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Well, I’m back to working regular hours for the semester. The recording industry must have noticed, because this week and last, there were some good releases. There were Some bad ones, too, but the musical landscape seems to be improving.

!!!-Strange Weather, Isn’t It?. Warp Records, 2010.

!!! is a band I’ve always wanted to get into. I’ve heard a few songs, and Ithink I liked them, but that was years ago. They just kind of slipped off my radar. I’ve been told that Strange Weather is pretty fantastic, so I’ll have to give it a listen.

Isobel Campbell and Mark Lanegan-Hawk. Vanguard Records, 2010.

I missed their last album, but Isobel Campbell and Mark Lanegan’s Ballad of the Broken Seas was pretty damn good. Plus, I less than three Isobel Cambell. I have all the Belle and Sebastian albums she was on, as well as her Milkwhite Sheets solo album. She’s got a purty voice.

Various Artists-A Piano tribute to Katy Perry. Copycats, 2010.

Does the “California Gurls” cover have a piano version of Snoop Dogg’s rap?

John Tesh-Grand Romance Piano. Green Hill, 2010.


Here’s some intelligence for your life: people actually buy John Tesh albums. I think.

The Vaselines-“Sex with an X.” Sub Pop, 2010. [Single].

I have the old Sub Pop collection The Way of the Vaselines, and it’s great. Can’t wait to hear the new stuff. The album comes out in September.

Some observations.

We seem to have lost half of out readers while Jayson was away. I think I broke the blog.

Now that I have a regular paycheck, I should be able to get back into listening to the new releases.

As many have stated, the new Cee Lo Green song may be one of the greatest things ever. Here it is:



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GIven the mention of Mr. Green, I must place this before you without comment.

Comment by ymatto

Awesome. Just awesome.

Comment by jason

The new !!! album is awesome. And the new Cee Lo is stunning.

Is it wrong that I’m really not in to Mark Lanagan and Isobell Campbell? It just sounds too generic to me.

Comment by Eli Gundry

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