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A post-concert lifestyle? by Jayson
August 24, 2010, 11:11 am
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Ah… man.

Unsane played in Akron last night. Keelhaul and Today Is The Day opened. That’s about as good of a show as you can ask for. I didn’t go.

I’ll couch this in some circumstances. I just go back from my vacation in Chicago. I went out and stayed with my buddy, it was good times. I went out every day to see stuff and out every night. I have blisters on my feet from walking around town. I also just had my first day of classes. I was on campus all day. It was a long day and I ended up being really tired.

Really though, I’m not sure I care about shows anymore. I’ve been to a few in the last couple years, but my enthusiasm is waning. First of all, I don’t have anyone to go with. I always used to go to shows with pals or run into people I knew when out. Now I couldn’t find a friend who was a Unsane fan if my life depended on it. Really going to shows myself took a big chunk of the fun out of the scenario for me. I know I should go and make friends, but I am honestly afraid of you people.

Second might be drinks. I used to go to shows and have drinks. Now I don’t because to get to shows I have to drive everywhere. I am kinda wondering if drinks used to make me not notice my feet and my back hurting. Really the last shows I’ve been at, my feet and my back hurting seem to be the things I am most focused on.

It’s funny. When I was out in Chicago, my pal Kevin and I did a ton of reminiscing of the huge number of shows we hit in a day. I just didn’t see myself having the time at the Unsane show, even though I’m sure them playing Scattered Smothered and Covered in its entirety would destroy.

I feel bad about not going though. Like this is some deep conflict of personal identity. As a youngish person of music fandom with a tight show half an hour away. I am morally obligated to go. Like, I should go, I have to go.

But I was tired and my feet needed a rest. I slept for 12 hours.

– Jayson


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I’ve gone through the same thing. In fact, I just attended my first show in 6-7 years a few eeks ago (Jason can attest to this). I too went through the fernzied rush of shows night to nigt and club to club. I even wrote ( good lord , I must be OLD!) a local music magazine with a friend – it was the social core of our lives for a good 4 years or so.

It seriously changed for me when I was pregnant with my oldest daughter. Clubs were full of smokers (my age showing, again), I got tired fast, and the bands I liked to watch were slowing down the amount of shows or had changed lineups almost entirely.

Deep down, I’m still in love with live music, but my priorities changed – and maybe that’s what’s going on with you. Toward the end, I never ran into anyone I knew at shows either – and I only noticed the fans getting younger and younger – and scarier. I still embrace the idea, but staying out until 2 am for music just doesn’t lure me the way it used to. Then again- you could go right back to it with the right sidekick(s).

Comment by Heather

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