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August 20, 2010, 12:10 pm
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So I was looking through Hulu’s music collection, and I came across Radiohead’s “Knives Out” video. I love that song, so I watched the video, and immediately, I recognized the work of one of my favorite video directors, Michel Gondry. Someday, I’ll write a discussion of the themes he uses in his videos and whatnot, but it’s Friday, and it’s hot, and I’ve got shit to do. So, we’re going to relax and watch a few videos.

Unfortunately, because embedding is disabled on the “Knives Out” video, we’re going to skip it.

Here’s his video for Paul McCartney’s “Dance Tonight.” Look for Natalie Portman as the main ghost, Mackenzie Crook as the delivery man, and Michel Gondry himself as the drummer.

Here’s Bjork’s “Human Behavior,” which made me first notice the Icelandic singer. I love this video.

And here’s the classic “Lucas with the Lid Off” by Lucas. It’s either one continuous shot, or it just looks that way, but there are a lot of really cool misdirections in this video so that the actors (and Lucas) can get into position for the next scene.

And finally, here’s a newer one (from a year or so ago), “The Denial Twist” by The White Stripes. I love Meg White. Don’t tell my girlfriend.

There are lots of other pretty iconic videos, but I’ll save those for another time.


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Ohhhh man, that Lucas with the Lid Off video was buried way deep in my memory.

Gondry does some great work.

Comment by ymatto

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