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What I’m Making My Girlfriend Listen to by jason

Jayson and I agreed that we would keep our personal lives away from the blog to keep this whole thing kind of professional. However, Jayson’s away on vacation, so I do what I want! Punk rawk!

Anyway, I recently got myself a girlfriend, and she is awesome in almost every way. However, she doesn’t know the music I like. She knows what’s on the radio (though she gets props for listening to XM instead of the crappy radio we have in Ghettotown), and she listens to rock, classical, and showtunes, but she’s never heard of 80% of the bands I listen to.

So, to transform her from “awesome in almost every way” to just “awesome”, I’ve been making her listen to my stuff. Here’s what she listened to this week:

The National are heading to Pittsburgh next month, and if I can save enough cash, we might head out there. So I’ve been getting her to listen to Alligator and Boxer to start.

Another thing I thought she might be able to get into was Broken Bells by…um…Broken Bells. Pretty much anything that Danger Mouse is attached to is going to be good, right?

I also let her borrow my copy of Robyn Hitchcock’s Storefront Hitchcock. She hasn’t listened to that yet, but I’m sure she’ll like it. It’s a great album, and I don’t usually even like live albums.

And, of course, I tie her up and make her listen to the Mountain Goats. The indoctrination is almost complete. In a related note, I still think this clip is one of the most awesome things ever recorded by humans. John Darnielle is my personal Lord and savior.

In other news, the aforementioned girlfriend showed me this song, which is NSFW, but pretty funny.


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