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Sunday. by Jayson
August 15, 2010, 12:59 pm
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Hey. I didn’t feel like writing Friday on Friday, so I’m writing Sunday on Sunday.

I have been into just hell of free downloads lately.

SEM Label has made available a huge archive of stuff here. I have downloaded a ton of it but listened to none of it yet. Everything I have heard on SEM has been the highest quality though. I am not worried.

I just downloaded The Stuyvesants Brooklyn’s Finest, which is amazing. Instru-soul basically. Like if you had a huge collection of soul and r & b records and made a mix where you cut nearly all of the vox out. I recommend everyone check this one out.

I got a digital 7″ from this band METZ. Gruesome noise. This will go down well if you like The Jesus Lizard, Pussy Galore and Craw.

I have also been listening to Soul Sides latest gospel/funk mixtape, which is solid.

And with that, it’s my turn to go away for a few days. I’m headed to Chicago, I may post something from the Windy City, but I doubt it.

– Jayson


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Heh. I took vacation last week while you held down the fort, and now you’re tagging me in. NICE!
(In other words, readers, Jayson’s out most of next week, but I’ll be here.)

Comment by jason

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