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4-Q’s, Misery Jackals, and Slackeye Slim show at Now That’s Class, Friday, August 13th. by jason
August 15, 2010, 3:04 pm
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So on Friday, my lady-friend and I went to Cleveland to see the 4-Qs and the Misery Jackals. We were pretty excited about this because we had been meaning to see both bands for a while; my lady-friend is friends with a couple of the members of the 4-Qs, and I’m friends with the drummer for the Misery Jackals. The fact that both bands were playing at this show pretty much sealed the deal for us. The fact that it was a free show didn’t hurt much, either.

The show was at Now That’s Class, which is a decent venue. It’s a bar, but it has a room at the side with a stage. Between sets, everyone had a laugh at the paintings of naked men, apparently left over from the bars days as a gay bar, and the band stickers all over the place.

Très drôle.

So anyway, the first band was the 4-Qs. I had listened to them on MySpace, so I knew what to expect. They’re kind of hard to put into one category because they have two lead singers, and each has a different style. When Kristen Sings, they have a kind of Nirvana meets Sonic Youth thing going, while Nicky’s vocals are more mellow and melodic. The contrast works, though. In fact, my only criticism of their set is that they recently changed their line up, and it didn’t quite gel. I could see what they were doing, and they weren’t quite there, but they were close.

The 4-Qs. Good stuff.

Next up were…well, I’m not sure who they were. They were pretty unintelligible. These two guys got on stage and played “experimental” “music.” Like, one guy played the same 5 chords for 1/2 an hour while the other guy chewed on the microphone, screamed, and tried to make feedback happen. It wasn’t happening. At one point, my lady-friend referenced Strong Bad, saying “It’s like squeedly vs meedly over here…squeedly wins!” Unfortunately, there were no winners here. Almost everyone walked out and waited for these guys to finish doing whatever it was they were doing.

Go squeedly...go squeedly...

After we had recovered from that, the Misery Jackals took the stage. They were great, though it would be hard not to be after that last act. The Misery Jackals are kind of a novelty thing, playing jokey songs about pirates and zombies, but they do it well and with a lot of personality, so it works. Again, I pretty much knew what do expect from these guys, and they did not disappoint. I ended up buying their EP, and I’ve listened to it three times now. Good stuff.

The Misery Jackals...Zombie Pirates or Pirate Zombies?

The fourth act was The Perreze Farm, which, in this incarnation, was a one man band. Joe Perreze played banjo, tambourine, bass drum, and did vocals at the same time. It was pretty awesome. He has a dark folk-country thing that he rocks, as well as a very dry, deadpan stage banter. I wish I could have seen his whole set (and the final act, Slackeye Slim), but I had to get going.

The Perreze Farm...a one-man band!

All in all, except for a 1/2 hour in in the middle, the 4-Qs/Misery Jackals/Perreze Farm show was pretty awesome. From grunge infused pop rock to zombie-pirate shanties, there was a little something for everyone.


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