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Review: On (Reworked by Fennesz) – Something That Has Form And Something That Does Not by Jayson

I am getting progressively worse at writing these. This is one of those deals where I wanted to check out the album because of the cover art. Thanks to the miracle of the internet, I can do that. I bought it, so it must be good, right?

Something That Has Form… is a good representative of what I’m calling tone-based ambient. There is no beats to speak of until track 4, at which point there are cymbals and some bass; but it’s that one track. That may sound kind of weird because On is a guitarist and a percussionist, but this is experimental music. The percussion is that experimental. Or maybe that’s Fennesz’s doing? This is apparently an electro acoustic thing, I can never tell, but I’m always interested in how this type of music is actually made. I am used to very old school thinking where ambient = electronic/digital.

It starts out comparably harsh. The first track is a short deal that basically sounds like microphone feeding back over some oscillation. The second track kind of sounds like circular saws doing their thing in the background over some menacing ambient sounds. Having passed through the harshness, the final three tracks settle down quite a bit. I’ve said this before, ambient is based on subtle progression, it rewards a careful listen, etc. Something That Has Form… checks all the boxes for a good ambient release.

On (Reworked by Fennesz) – Something That Has Form And Something That Does Not is out on Type Records. You can listen to it there, but you can’t buy it.

To do that, head over to Boomkat and you can get it on pretty much any format you like. I think it would be sick as hell to own this on vinyl, but I opted for a download. European shipping.

– Jayson


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