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Next Friday by jason

Ok…I gave you all a homework assignment on Wednesday, but I didn’t have time to do it. This is the last week of work for the semester, so we’re winding things down at work, and it took a lot out of me. Because of that, you get an extension. Try to have it done by next friday.

And since it’s friday, and I have nothing interesting to say about one subject, I’m going to rip Jayson off and do one of these Friday observational things.

As I said, I didn’t do my homework, and I know that that entire post is kind of corny, but I stand behind it. I am tired of pretense.

This video is pretty rad:

That said, and Jayson and I have discussed this, the girl’s blank indie stare makes it look like she doesn’t want to be there. Like she thinks this is cool and ironic that she’s singing Lady GaGa. If you don’t want to be there, spare us and don’t. Fucking hipsters. Plus, there’s nothing wrong with singing Lady GaGa.

The Mountain Goats have signed with Merge. This isn’t really a surprise, because Jon Wurster’s their drummer, and his other band, Superchunk, is made up of the founders of Merge Records. Also, John Darnielle lives in North Carolina, and not too far from Merge HQ, so it only makes sense. What is a surprise is that the Extra Glens are reuniting. I loved their first album, and if they tour in Pittsburgh, I’m there.

Jayson’s not sure about going to shows, but there are several I’d like to go to, including the Admiral Radley/Trouble Books show at the Grog Shop in Cleveland on Aug 14th. I probably won’t make it out there, and if I did, it would be to see Trouble Books, which I could just wait until the next time they play Akron to see, but still…

Weezer have signed with Epitaph. Punk Rawk. Maybe a change of label will mean a change in the Weezer sound…an evolution which finally shows us that they band has moved past their high-school trauma and become real adults! Probably not, though.

OK. I know I just ragged on Pomplamoose and their GaGa cover, but this is legitimately good:



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That girl is just hell of cute.

I didn’t do my homework, mostly because I already didn’t like the way stuff sounds and also you are not the boss of me.

Comment by Jayson

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