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New Releases by jason

It’s another slow week for new releases.

Arcade Fire-Suburbs. Merge, 2010.

I wasn’t a big fan of Funeral. I liked Neon Bible after a few listens. That said, everything I’ve heard from this one sounds good. I’m not about to run out and buy it, but if I got a chance to listen to it, I might think about buying it. I guess I’m trying to say that I have no opinion of Arcade Fire.

Lady GaGa-The Cherrytree Sessions EP. Interscope, 2010.
I really have no interest in this, but every time we mention GaGa, we get hits. And I’m a hit-whore.

Lady GaGa-The Remix. Interscope, 2010.

Cha-ching, bitches!

Metallica-Reload. WB, 2010. Reissue.

Metallica’s Reload is being rereleased as a double LP AND as a 4-disc, 180 gram vinyl, 45rpm edition. So, if this is your favorite Metallica album, I but you’re pretty happy right now. OK…show of hands: who likes this? I mean, who is buying it? People who really like the blood-and-semen artwork and want it full-album sized? To quote Jayson, “There is basically zero reason for that shit to exist.” I concur.

Some observations.

This was another day for vinyl rereleases. It really feels like a bunch of bands trying to squeeze more money out of their back-catalogues. Nothing wrong with that, I suppose, but it irritates me. Even when the National does it.

Bun B released the third in his Trill series, called Trill O.G. Get it? It’s a pun! I guess those are cool again!

The list I look at for new releases, the New Music Tip Sheet, also lists some DVDs. Today, The Real Ghostbusters, vol. 3, comes out. I am more excited about this than I am about any other release today.



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Re: The Suburbs

Amazon MP3 has it for 3.99

Comment by Eli Gundry

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