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Friday by Jayson

The Batillus/Hallowed Butchery split 12″ is up for preorder on Bis Auf Messer Records. First 100 get brown vinyl, limited to 500.

The Thou/Human Intruder split 7″ is available for preorder on Dead Earth Records.

Buddyhead mentioned this on Twitter yesterday: The Vandals are being sued by Variety because of a logo parody. I am really surprised at Buddyhead, because I am pretty sure I remember them hating the Vandals and all nu punk. I also have not cared on a similar level. This is just wrong though.

I got my Isis/Melvins split. I used to religiously collect every single thing the Melvins did. I probably have more of their albums than any other band. I’m the worst kind of fan though, I like the stuff from the Atlantic years the best. I honestly stopped caring right around the time they merged with Big Business.

I still do not have a Get Busy Committee record or a answer to my question about when that’ll happen.

The longer you read music blogs, the more likely you will hear your favorite music run down. You’ll also hear stuff you think of as total garbage held up in high regard. Blogging is an exercise in ego to an extent. I think we at least try to tell you the why of our opinions on music. We’re in the opinion business, not the decision business. That’s up to you.

To aid in the process, I will be comparing all new releases and reviews to Dismember’s Massive Killing Capacity. Massive Killing Comparison. (Thanks Pat!)

I still have almost zero love for hair metal, just Vixen and Twisted Sister.

Angela over at Reign in Blonde had written good articles about female sexuality in the world of music.

That song Serj wrote about borders is dumb.

I don’t relate to hardcore music.

Have a nice Friday,

– Jayson


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