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Any Asshole with a Guitar and a Camera: Beatlemania edition by jason
July 22, 2010, 2:16 pm
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The question of “Who is better: The Beatles or the Rolling Stones?” has been asked for time immemorial. Well, since about 1964 or so, anyway. It’s a stupid question, because one is a pop-rock band, and the other is a blues-rock band. However, if you must ask the question, the answer is the Beatles. There. Mystery solved. No more need to argue about this.

In honor of the end of this decades long fight, here are some Assholes covering the Beatles.

First off, here’s Madeline Spooner covering “For No One” off of Revolver. Revolver is one of the greatest pop-rock albums ever made, so if you haven’t heard the original, go do that, come back, and listen to this cover. If yo have heard the original, you’ll agree that she makes it her own without changing it too much. Nice.

Here’s Mike Masse doing a cover of “A Day in the Life,” one of my favorite Beatles songs, from Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Heart’s Club Band. That voice does not sound like it should be coming out of that guy. Seriously. Great cover, though.

YouTube user vulgarmind, AKA bRian [sic], covers another of my favorites, “Across the Universe.” This was originally from Let it Be (ok..technically, a different version appeared on a charity album a year earlier, but that version is in a different key).

And finally, here’s yanpachi78 covering the slightly obscure “Hey Bulldog” from The soundtrack to Yellow Submarine. I always felt like there was something sinister going on in this song. I dunno.

So there you go…some great songs by the band that is objectively better that the Rolling Stones. That’s not an opinion…it’s a damn fact. If you like what you’ve heard, do to these Assholes’ YouTube pages and tell them that you saw them here!


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any song with the line “some kind of innocence is measured out in years” seems sinister to me… that’s my fav beatles tune, btw

Comment by chris

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