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A boring list: What I’m listening to. by Jayson
July 20, 2010, 10:10 am
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I am still in a rut or fugue or whatever it is that is preventing me from caring about anything really topical. So this is what I’m listening to.

Dismember – Death Metal

I’ve written about how much I love Massive Killing Capacity before. These guys are a Pandora band for me. I only heard of them 2 years ago and while they have a million albums and various eras of sound, I think I’m gravitating toward their mid-90s stuff. I still way love melodic death metal, even though it’s… wait. I don’t know if this is melodic death metal or death-n-roll or what. I am not an afficiando of the subgenres of death and… I don’t care. This has awesome riffage.

The Soviettes – LP III

Ok, I’m not really listening to this. I’m listening to one song. “Middle of the Night.” This is another song I heard on Pandora a few years back. I had spare Microsoft Points and bought this from the Zune store. I bought two more with the rest of the spare points. They sucked. Middle of the Night is great though. I’m listening to it at least one a day.

Castle – Electric Wolves

Doomy sludge metal with Pelican-like moments. I got this free, floating loose in the package when I got the new Souvenir’s Young America. Just three tracks from a band I can’t find any information about. I would have paid for this. Thanks, Init Records!

Wolvhammer – Black Marketeers of World War III

I reviewed this earlier. It’s a masterpiece. I’m really into it.

Also listening to Cloudkicker’s whole discography, Souvenir’s Young America and Jessica Lea Mayfield.



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