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Review: Chris Buckridge-Excessive Compulsive by jason

Chris Buckridge-Excessive Compulsive. End Up Records, 2010.

I’ve been friends with Chris Buckridge since we were in French class together in 1993. Back then, he was passing around a tape he had made that he called the “B-Mop Tape,” on which he recorded about 14 original songs. I loved this tape, and even when I got to college, I would pass it around to people and tell them that someday, he was going to be great.

One of the best things, for me at least, about his new album, Excessive Compulsive, is that in many ways, he is still that guy I knew in high school. While he has progressed as an artists and as a musician, he has stayed true to who he is.

If you are familiar with his band, The Ne’er Do Evers, this album does not sound like that (with the exception of “Tiny Audubon” and “Williamette Blvd.,” both of which have some very Ne’er-like guitar bits. Buckridge’s solo stuff if more melodic and less guitar-riff-driven.

All these songs are great, but “Don’t Get Twee On Me, Babe,” “Advance Base,” and “It’s Springtime Again, Charlie Brown,” stand out for me, mostly because these are the songs where the Chris I knew in high school comes out. Excessive Compulsive is less “grunge” and more “introspective singer-songwriter” than his stuff with the Ne’ers.

Anyway, Excessive Complulsive is a great album by a great artist, and I’m not saying that because I know him. You can listen to it for yourself at the End Up Records website, and you buy it there as well.



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