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Chinese Rocks by Jayson
July 16, 2010, 8:42 am
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The indie rock scene is buzzing in China. Which is cool. It is all spearheaded by a guy that owned a club and a record label back in the glory days heroin and music in NYC.* Now the guy, while also being an investment banker, is running a club and record label again. In the spirit of true investigative journalism, I listened to like… 3 of these bands, read some stuff, formed an opinion and went to write this.

If I was a better writer, I’d pad this out more, but bottom line: everything sounds like early 70s New York rock, or later era No Wave. If there is anything leftover, it sounds like late 80s indie rock. That is funny to me. I actually don’t want to insinuate the guy behind it all is some kind of Svengali. Wasn’t Nico really popular again a  year ago? I remember maybe in the 1.23 times Jason wasn’t talking about The Mountain Goats he was talking about Nico. Maybe that sound is just hitting China now? I don’t know.

Whether you want to listen to Carsick Cars or Snapline or any of the rest of the stuff  on Maybe Mars is going to depend on how much you like that stuff.

– Jayson

*I couldn’t find out anywhen except “the 70s.”

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